Art Figure: Brack (Ice Cold)

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This is Brack (who happens to be a Brachiosaurus). Brack doesn't like how large his nares (nasal openings) are so hides it under his beanie. He enjoys music like Tycho and watching the animation of the studying girl on Youtube's Lo-fi hip-hop channel.

Originally released for Designercon 2022, this is Brack's third and final color. The version, called Ice Cold Brack, will be the only figure made from transparent resin.


Edition of 60, only 20 will be sold online

This is a resin figure/art toy. This is not a suitable toy for children.

Dimensions: Roughly 6.5" wide by 4.5" tall

Sorry but I am unable to ship to the UK

This figure was designed by me and produced by Props & Pop